As a Pediatric Registered Dietitian of 20 years, I have had the great pleasure of working with countless families to find foods that fit their lifestyle. As a mom, I spend countless hours each week trying to figure out what to feed my family, and tend to have a love/hate relationship with food on some days...or, for some weeks.

Every Friday,  the broken record of meal planning starts to repeat itself when the fridge is emptied:

  • What should I make for dinner?

  • Who will be home on Tuesday to eat?

  • Let me search up healthy breakfast foods on Instagram

  • Why is everyone eating out of a Mason Jar?

  • Do we have enough fresh fruits and veggies for the week?

  • OMG: Another week of packed lunches!@#% 


I don't have all the answers. What I do have is perspective.

I'm here to offer my point of view on good enough food choices and feeding a family:

Science based nutrition + common sense.

My hope is we can raise a generation of competent eaters,

and accept that food is not always going to be perfect.

Let's find the good in food, together.


My hope is we can raise a generation of competent eaters.