Give Peas a Chance is the fool proof guide to feeding your picky toddler. 

"The Peas Book"

Give Peas a Chance is the ultimate survival guide for any parent who has ever begged their child to try “just one bite.” This handy resource gives parents what they need to create and foster a healthy food relationship with their toddler and, most importantly, to help them keep their sanity when struggling to feed their picky child.

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Published:  2012

Publisher:  Sourcebooks


In Give Peas a Chance, pediatric nutritionist (and mom of a picky eater) Kate Samela, covers a number of different picky eating habits and provides parents with a unique set of tips and secrets to create stress-free mealtimes:

How To Handle a Picky Eater

Is your child truly a picky eater or simply behaving like a typical toddler? Surprisingly some “picky” eating habits are perfectly normal during your toddler’s developmental stage. Learn how to develop a sense of clarity about your child’s natural desire to eat small amounts of food on-the-go.


Milk, Juice, and More

Now that your toddler is taking big steps toward replacing liquid with solid food, it is important to understand the role liquids play in a toddler’s diet. Liquids can give toddlers a feeling of fullness, and too much can lead to decrease in appetite and lack of decent weight gain.


Putting It All Together

Find out what foods are worth the effort to incorporate in to your child’s diet and how to put together quick, easy meals that fit into your toddler’s on-the-go lifestyle.


The Family Table

Building a healthy family table means setting your expectations and ground rules for mealtimes and beginning to teach them to your toddler as early as one year of age. You can drastically improve mealtime success by setting simple rules such as: don’t become a short order cook, sit together, and eat as early possible so that toddlers don’t snack before dinner.