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Praise for Give Peas a Chance

"Gives practical advice on dealing with picky eaters ... If you’re a toddler parent, I highly recommend reading Kate’s book."

 Baby Gators Den (http://babygatorsden.com/give-peas-a-chance-book-review-giveaway)


"Mealtimes with little kids don’t have to be so crazy ... I wish I’d had this great resource when my kids were toddlers."

 Parents.com (http://www.parents.com/blogs/mom-must-read/tag/picky-toddlers-kate-samela)


"Every stage of development in children leads to different challenges, and in toddlers, eating can be one of the greatest difficulties. This book offers practical advice and ideas for feeding toddlers healthy meals that they’ll love to eat."

 MetroFamily Magazine (http://issuu.com/metrofamily/docs/02-13digital-edition/28)


"Informative and honestly, quite comforting, for a parent of a picky toddler. Good, scientific reasons as to why your child is picky, and reasons you shouldn’t be so upset about it." 

 This Flourishing Life (http://www.thisflourishinglife.com/2013/01/help-your-child-eat-better-with-give.html)


“Samela—a registered dietician and mom of two—helps ease parents’ worried minds with practical suggestions combined with relatable anecdotes from her own kitchen table.”

 Parade.com (http://www.parade.com/health/parenting/2013/01/17-brood-reads-whats-new-on-bookshelves-this-month.html)


Amazon.com reviews:

"Love this book! All parents of toddlers should own this book! It should be on all new parent baby registries!"


"Just started reading this book and couldn't be happier. It is the first real life, realistic portrait of trying to feed a toddler. I'm only about 75 pages in and I feel like it was written for me. I have already seen results from incorporating the hints in this book. A must have!"


"I usually don't review books I haven't completed, but I couldn't wait. I know other parents struggle with kids weight, meal time trauma and fulfilling their kid's nutritional needs. I know this because all the parents at my daycare talk about it constantly. I just had to get my review out there and say get this book. I can't even imagine what will happen in the next 120+ pages but I'm willing to bet it will be AWESOME... Maybe even get rid of my wrinkles!"


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